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Excuse me. I’m going to need to see your ID.

When I started developing LinkApp, my link aggregator, I knew would need to identify each link. I also made the choice to use Redis as my database and that would require a key for identification purposes. With my first pass of building this application I decided to make an ID using the URL. My logic… Continue reading Excuse me. I’m going to need to see your ID.

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Downloading Bootstrap Explained

Bootstrap, how do I really get started? Bootstrap is a very popular framework for developing mobile-first web sites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’ve landed here there is a chance you aren’t exactly sure how to begin. This post serves to further explain your options and how to set them up. If you go… Continue reading Downloading Bootstrap Explained

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Always look on the bright side of life.

And we’re back. I’ve moved on to the next section in the Python class via Codecademy. Seeing how things are starting to come together and how all this information can be used is exciting. I wasn’t doing cartwheels over the Tip Calculator, but it did work as a great way to show practical application with… Continue reading Always look on the bright side of life.