Stacy is a time traveling immortal who programs in Python and loves to share knowledge.

She has been fascinated with technology and how things work for as long as she could walk. This sometimes terrified her parents. She secretly borrowed her mom’s blender at 2 years of age and hid the dismantled appliance under her bed to study.

Stacy has a degree in Art with a concentration in Photography and an undeclared minor in Philosophy/Logic.

While she loves making beautiful, whimsical photos, she also loves the very technical and process driven aspect of photography. To her, technical and creative thinking live together in harmony.

Her obsession with Python started as a way to control LEDs on a custom built light array for her photography. It was natural for her to apply this love for Python to her everyday life in the form custom applications.

Stacy has been sharing her knowledge through this blog and talks given at user groups and conferences.

Aside from technology and photography Stacy loves animals, especially dogs, hiking, and cold press coffee.