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Right. One… two… five!

In my ideal world I would have been making posts regularly but I don’t think any of us live in that world.

The reality is that while I’ve been working on my projects things have come up. Life is not always something you can schedule or put off. Life just happened to me, in a devastating way.

My Dad passed away in August, just shy of his 61st birthday. It was liver cancer and he was in an extraordinary amount of pain which he hid from all of us.

The reason why I’m talking about this here on my blog is that horrible things happen sometimes. While they might cause a bump in the road you have to remember why you got on this path to begin with.

My Dad was a brilliant man. He was also a self taught man. He didn’t graduate from high school and didn’t go to college, but he could fix anything you put in front of him.

He had a natural ability when it came to problem solving. An ability which he fostered in me by teaching me every chance he got. We shared the same intense curiosity and that’s what drives to keep learning and to keep sharing.

I’ve never been happy to just use something. I needed to know how it worked and why. Dad taught me how to read my first schematic to fix a vintage pinball machine when I was a little kid. I was more interested in the wires and relays than I was in playing it.

When I started this blog it was about showing a path that most don’t get to see. I wanted to show others that you don’t have to pay lots of money for information.

This blog is more than that. It took my Dad passing away for me to see it.

Curiosity is something that should be encouraged in all people, of all ages. I want to inspire people to be curious. I want to encourage people to seek out the answers the way my Dad did with me.

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