Lighting Macro Photography With Circuitpython

This morning I gave a talk at PyCon AU in Sydney about how I built a lighting solution for my macro photography. I want to give the resources so other people can use my code and build their own light rig. The code is here: https://github.com/geekgirlbeta/MacroLighting/blob/master/code.py The hardware I used for this project: ***DISCLAIMER*** (I am… Continue reading Lighting Macro Photography With Circuitpython

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Excuse me. I’m going to need to see your ID.

When I started developing LinkApp, my link aggregator, I knew would need to identify each link. I also made the choice to use Redis as my database and that would require a key for identification purposes. With my first pass of building this application I decided to make an ID using the URL. My logic… Continue reading Excuse me. I’m going to need to see your ID.

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Downloading Bootstrap Explained

Bootstrap, how do I really get started? Bootstrap is a very popular framework for developing mobile-first web sites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’ve landed here there is a chance you aren’t exactly sure how to begin. This post serves to further explain your options and how to set them up. If you go… Continue reading Downloading Bootstrap Explained